Wrap Up Meeting

The project wrap up meeting is scheduled for Saturday 28th April and will run between 2pm-4pm. The purpose of this event is to review the project, draw parallels between the design process and the final product, and discuss the final stage of the project. We will also be discussing how to maintain momentum once the project comes to an end in late May. Hopefully the West Green Residents Association will be in attendence since this group is well placed to continue working with residents and further developing a relationship with the council.

Over the coming month: construction will continue at Langham Parade, tree planting will be finished and tree guards installed, the walking/cycle path and green space by the allotments will be completed, the ‘art in the community’ design will be commissioned and installed, planters will be put in place, and a variety of small ‘snags’ will be picked up and fixed. In the week leading up to the event it would be really useful for residents to keep an eye out for any small issues – mostly with the finishing of construction – and raise them at the meeting so that we can remedy as many as possible.

The event represents a culmination of the past two years and will show all the hard work put in by residents to raise, develop, and deliver changes to the neighbourhood. It will be fantastic to see as many familiar (or unfamiliar!) faces as possible.

We will also have a raffle for a variety of cycling accessories, including lights, pumps, and multi tools.

The event will take place at the church hall on Waldeck Road.

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One Response to Wrap Up Meeting

  1. Helen says:

    Where is the meeting taking place? Thank you

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