Langham Parade

Work continues at Langham Parade – the pavements have been done (widened), the cobble ramps and edging are nearly in place, and half the block work has been laid. It is a lengthy process but the benefits can already be seen with the outside of the cafe (Cafe-Teria) looking brilliant. Once the trees and guards go in the area will look very different! We are working on issues related to the rubbish outside the newsagents and will hopefully put into place a long term solution.

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10 Responses to Langham Parade

  1. Stuart says:

    This road closure is pure bliss for me on Langham Road, much less cars and no crazy speeding (taxi) drivers. Please could we consider a more permanent arrangement perhaps with a locked gate for emergency services?

    • As previously discussed the junction at Turnpike Lane, including the end of Langham Road, is due to have work carried out at some point in the near future. As far as I am aware there are no concrete plans as yet, but I would recommend residents put forward their suggestions through the West Green Residents Association:

      I will be posting more information on the blog as soon as it becomes available.

  2. VB says:

    Yes our household agree .. Ben what can be done ? I have written to John McQueen. What else can we do? Get a petition signed at the final party ?

  3. nick says:

    I agree also…what a great time its been without these mini cab drivers. I have been monitoring the current two way traffic exiting minicabs by Turnpike at different times and cant see any significant increase in traffic volume by wood green/westbury ave junction. So haringey council do something more constructive and listen to the residents concerns……please leave this as a permenant thing!

  4. James says:

    Two words – Tower Estates

    How on earth can they get away with their advertising boards at the top of Langham Road?!

    One sign is acceptable on a property. But three!

    After all the efforts to create our Hub, this completely spoils the setting. What can be done?

  5. hazzer2001 says:

    Any response from the Sustrans team on this?

    I put this into the consultation when this was first mooted but nothing appeared to come of it.

    If you want pleasant and safe residential streets then making more of them access only is the easiest way – look at the numerous areas in Hackney where a few gates have done wonders. Unsurprisingly, some people in cars are still rushing down the finished roads in between traffic calming measures – there is no reason to keep these roads as rat runs, surely.

  6. hazzer2001 says:

    Any reply from Sustrans? Even on the finished streets there are still drivers racing in between the traffic calming measures. Look at what Hackney have managed to create where they have blocked off unnecessary rat runs – or even what Southwark have just finished…

    Local access can happily be maintained and other vehicles can easily go around!

  7. VB says:

    I agree that some drivers still speed up the street between tables and most seem to not be residents. When Langham Parade road was shut off for work the roads were SO MUCH quieter and the drug dealers who operate in the Close disapeared. As soon as Langham opened up again it was ‘speedy’ once again. Can the council please take on board our comments about ‘perminent closure ‘of the top of Langham Road? However it should be shut where the Langham Parade table ends and the cobbles start and not at the top where the tube is. Bike racks could be put in or planting like the suggestion above. This means the taxi cab come into and leave Langham Road by station and non community traffic avoids our roads. A few houses on top of Langham may object but it is the only answer to stop cabbies etc driving up our streets and the drug dealers in Langham Close using our street as a gettaway. From Ben’s comment at top it seems that The West Green Association is the way forward. Paul Bumstead is the chair so comments to him may get to the councils Listening Post..

  8. nick says:

    Dear Ms Hancox,

    I received an email from Ben Addy requesting feedback on the DIY project. In his email he suggested that surveys has been given out and that an Ellen is going door to door collecting them. Once again NOONE has called at my door or my immediate neighbours. I have completed the online one but as you may appreciate I am again disappointed as my neighbours, as before, have not received anything to comment on.

    Since this project has been completed I as do some of my neighbours believe that it has made matters worse now more in the Langham Parade area. Cars park on and over the pavement as you can see in photo, there is no stopping on junctions as there are no lines and now that the pavement has been widened difficult for cars to pass when there are cars parked by both sides of road. Recently there has been large vans parked on pavement and especially on the bend by coffee shop.

    I believe that this has caused a danger to the public and especially children. In fact last week I nearly got hit by a car whilst crossing as I couldn’t see with these vans parked. In as much as the area does look somewhat nicer in appearance , the aim of slowing traffic down has failed and now a further danger with the lack of lines or deterrents to stop cars parking on pavement or even being able to differentiate between road and pavement. I feel that something needs to be done to resolve this before anyone is hurt.

    I hope that you will look into this matter and monitor to reach a solution. Once again I must sadly say that this project has not been thought through correctly or with the immediate residents feelings in Langham Road and views taken into account and this further lack of door to door as mentioned in Bens email proves to me what I have said all along that during consultations we did not get the information stated.

    Kind Regards

    • Dear Mr. Eftychiou,

      Thanks for your email. The Door-to-Door survey conducted in the neighbourhood is a sample survey. To this end we have dedicated 50 hours to visiting addresses throughout the neighbourhood – however it would not be possible (or feasible) to attend every one of the approximately 1000 households in the neighbourhood in person. The paper survey used by Ellen during the Door-to-Door process is exactly the same as the one that I emailed (7th June) to you directly last week and the survey is also available as a link on the community blog. A link to the survey will also be made available on the community notice board. A final newsletter will be going out in the next week and this too will have a link to the survey – so please keep an eye out for it and perhaps draw your immediate neighbours attention to it.

      It is worth noting that in the same email I sent to you regarding the link to the survey I also made clear that the yellow lines are still to be applied in Langham Parade:

      We continue to wrap up loose ends, including the art in the community project, installation of planters at the raised table junctions, tree pit planting, yellow line marking at Langham Parade, the removal of street clutter, some final tree planting, resident cycle parking…amoungst other elements.

      A reference to the yellow lines (along with the various other elements that require finishing) is also made in the latest blog post (7th June).



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