Final Celebration – We need your help!!

UPDATE: We have had a number of residents come forward with an idea to hold the celebration to coincide with the jubilee celebrations at the beginning of June. The added benefit in choosing this day is that there is no charge for street closures over the jubilee.

As the project moves into the final stretch – and while there is still a fair bit to do – we need to give thought to a celebration to cap off all the hard work put in by the community over the past two years. Does anyone have an suggestions? A possible date could be Saturday 26th May. It would be great to hand the responsibility of a final event over to residents – with logistical and financial support from us.

If you want to hold a final street party/event on the street then you will need to make a decision on this asap. Other options could include holding an event on the green space at Graham Road or the newly transformed area near the allotments. If residents would like a street closure then the paperwork would need to be set in motion quickly. This event is about residents celebrating their neighbourhood, the changes, and future collaboration. It is a fantastic opportunity to make use of our logistical/financial resources (ie w/ road closures, permissions, food contributions etc).

At the ‘Wrap Up’ event on Saturday 28th April (2-4pm – Church Hall on Waldeck Rd) we will have further information and a sign up sheet for those interested in volunteering their time into make a community party happen.

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2 Responses to Final Celebration – We need your help!!

  1. James says:

    My initial thought is The Hub. Like many, I have found the street closure at this junction a pleasant (if temporary) experience (only if it were permanent…). And am really pleased by how The Cafeteria has grasped the opportunity. Their new tables and awnings really transform this location. Although the shop opposite does it’s best to drag the neighbourhood down, I propose we approach Cafeteria, with a view to holding an event at this location, and obviously the kerbside area adjacent. Closing the junction can then allow for whatever ‘partying’ we can think up. Anyone know of a local band?

    • That sounds brilliant – the sooner everyone can agree a date the better. I mentioned the jubilee weekend since the fee is waived and it would provide enough time to get organised.

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