Latest Resident Email Update

For those who are not signed up to our mailing list, below is the latest email update:

Good Evening,
Just a quick reminder that we are offering a cycle training course on saturday morning (19th May) for adults and kids who wish to get out on their bikes and learn to negotiate local roads in a safe manner. We are then offering a cycle maintenance class on saturday afternoon from 1-3pm. I know a number of you have already put your names down for the maintenance course, but if there are others who would like to come along please get in touch and I will add you to the list. Both courses are free of charge. Please mention it to any of your neighbours who might be interested (as long as they live in the neighbourhood!)
A number of you have also expressed interest in taking us up on the discounted cycle parking – just to let you know I am still working on that and should have more information shortly.
In the meantime, Langham Parade has opened back up and the trees (with guards and grills) will be getting installed next week. We are also working with the contractor next week to pick up all the various little things that need doing to ensure nothing is forgotten or left unfinished. These various issues will then be sorted out over the coming couple of weeks. The tiles for the ‘art in the community’ project should be complete by the end of the month. The tiles will then get framed and installed – hopefully – by the end of June. I will keep you informed as to progress.
The planters for the corners at the raised junctions are being ordered shortly and I will get in touch with those residents who have volunteered to help maintain them. Plants (vincas – evergreen with flowers) are in the process of being ordered for the treebeds at the junction of Waldeck and Stanmore Roads – with the exception of the two beds that have been adopted by residents. We are ordering another round planter for that junction, and slightly adjusting the location of the two currently in place, to ensure they are most effective.
We are planning to install extra signage to ask drivers to be careful driving through Langham Place and we will also be installing a safety mirror on the corner to help with visibility.
During the last meeting, residents suggested a community-led street party for September – get involved on the Facebook group or blog if you want to help and get involved. Also if you keep an eye on the blog (here) or the community Facebook Group (here) there is information on some residents who are working to put into place more art projects in the neighbourhood.
Please get in touch if you have any questions – there is still much to do, but we are working hard to get it all done.
Enjoy the sunshine (while it lasts!)
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One Response to Latest Resident Email Update

  1. Vicki says:

    Hello – how do I add myself to your mailing list?

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