Cycle Training and Maintenance Workshop

On Saturday morning, we held a resident cycle training session in the neighbourhood. We had three residents take part (including one 5 year old!) – the residents were able to practice their journey to local shops, the park, and school under the guidance of qualified cycle instructors. Despite the relatively low turnout, the session was a great success and will hopefully lead to a summer of fun cycling!

In the afternoon we held a cycle maintenance workshop on the green space by the allotments near Langham Place. We had eight or nine residents come along with their bikes to learn the basics of fixing a puncture, adjusting brakes, and maintaining gears. It was a really fun afternoon and we attracted a fair amount of interest from passing residents. Reclaiming the space as an area for the community was an important step forward in giving the vicinity a new identity.

We also met Floyd who used to live in the corner house in Langham Place – he owned the shop that used to be there and still maintains an allotment. He had just won a Homes for Haringey award for Volunteer Neighbour of 2012 – a fantastic character with a wealth of local knowledge.

Finally, after the cycle workshop I noticed a bit of a parking problem at Langham Parade!

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