Odds and Ends – The Final Straight

Just to let everyone know that the various odds and ends around the neighbourhood have not been forgotten about – the construction teams are currently working across the borough, but the various elements that we want finished will be carried out asap. I am hoping that the tiles for the Art in the Community project will be sent to the framers next week – a process that will take approx 2 weeks. At that point we will be in the position to install the seven street names in the designated locations (which will be published in due course). I am working to get the additional planters and litter/dog foul bins.

I am still in discussion with Haringey council and the Safer Neighbourhood Team regarding Langham Place and I will have more information on various measures shortly. Two additional trees are due to be planted, one near the bend on Lagham Road and the other on Stanmore Road – we are currently trying to coordinate with the various departments to make this happen. The damaged tree guard at the junction of Carlingford and Stanmore will be repaired shortly. Finally, we will be looking to plant additional lavender plants in the tree pits at the junction of Waldeck and Stanmore Roads within the next fortnight.

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