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  1. JS says:

    Any chance we can have a ‘Road Closed’ sign placed as your turn left out of Waldeck, into Langham? ALOT of cars coming from that direction doing U turns as they head up Langham to Tube end.

  2. JS says:

    Just exemplified the issue – a police van heading this exact route had to stop and let out the policeman to run the rest of the way. If a sign was up they wouldnt have had to do that.

  3. JS says:

    Sorry to pester – the problem is getting dangerous now – lorries running over the pavement while young children walk by (3.45). Just saw the childs mother looking VERY stressed by this. Sign needed as a matter of urgency I would say.

    • I just checked back with the council and it seems that the first opportunity for hte contractor to get the sign up will be first thing tomorrow morning. It isn’t ideal but its the best that we can do. Hopefully there won’t be too much traffic coming from Waldeck up Langham this evening. Thanks for your patience.

  4. JS says:

    Just had to turn around the ROAD CLOSED sign at the Waldeck/Langham junction, as it had been left the wrong way round (unreadable heading up to Tube end). However, there is still something about the words ‘road’ and ‘closed’ that Tottenham denizens just dont get. Getting really tired of the minute-by-minute three-point turns happening.

  5. nick says:

    Can you also ask the council to place a Road closed sign at the entrance of Langham Road by coffee shop as cars are still entering. The Road closed sign has been placed by the road works which is too late. I am also fed up of the continued 3 point turns of cars by my house and equally worried as they do this near parked cars. Thanks

  6. nick says:

    Thank you for arranging the road closed sign at entrance of Langham road. It has help a great deal. I must add this though…how wonderful and quiet the road has been during the works as no through traffic. Although most people look forward to the works being completed I must say i hope they take longer cos the longer the road is closed the longer we get no traffic….Oh well we can only dream….lol……

  7. JS says:

    Is there anything that can be done to improve the stretch on newly laid tarmac surrounding the Langham table?

    The ‘finger’ that has been created is a real scar on the road. And undoes all the efforts of improvement. It really defies logic at how something like this could be created. If the road needed to be dug up to run new pipe to a manhole, surely merely running a strip out from the table was a poor idea.

    This, when we’re all making such an effort to create ‘eye candy’ artworks to help the visual appeal of our neighbourhood. Even tarmac can (should) be part of that aesthetic.

  8. JS says:

    Putting the ‘finger’ aside for one moment, I’ve just driven out over the new Langham Road table. Perfect height. Compared to some of the other bumps, you really have to break and roll over this one. A triumph on the functional front.

  9. JS says:

    Someone intuitively suggested to me that it might be beneficial to wait until ‘The Hub’ is underway, and look at laying tarmac between this and the top-end-of Langham table – as one neat stretch. Thereby absorbing the ‘finger’ and a few other bits of road scaring. I think this sounds like a great solution, and hope the budget can accomodate it.

  10. JS says:

    We think the new raised ‘plinth’ surrounds for the ‘in road’ trees on Carlingford/Waldeck look great. Certainly more car proof. And in addition seem to visually present a classic feel. Good work.

  11. JS says:

    As the work begins on Langham Parade, I hope the finishing is better than Langham Road.

    Overall, everything is looking great. However, the table on Langham Road (Tube end) has a couple of issues which should be looked at:

    Primarily, the pavement either side of the table has a VERY ugly effect where a chequerboard of odd ‘circular’ scars has arisen

    The original pavement at this location was fine. And was composed of good paving stock. This new array is cheaper, and due to this strange surface scarring visually a disaster. Please can we have a consistent stretch of uniform paving. This is one area where Sustrans/Volker have left the street worse than they found it.

    Lastly, the bricks used on this tab seem to be blending ie the dark bricks are washed-out and create very little contrast with the light ones. Can this whole area be looked at.

    Many thanks.

    On a positive note – the kerbs around the trees are a triumph. Particularly where common sense has prevailed, and the road camber has been taken into account – thereby no ‘leaning trees of Pisa’ effect. Bravo.

  12. James says:

    I’m am sure some of you will be upset to see the state of the bollards as of this morning.

  13. JS says:

    There seems to have developed a huge waste dump outside Langham Stores. This is a real health hazard, apart from being an obstruction to the pathway. Long term the massive grey bin they use nearly always blocks half the pavement.

    Can someone (Council/Volker) be contacted as a matter of urgency. It’s quite shocking how these things can come into existence. And then allowed to grow.

  14. JS says:

    UPDATE – I have spoken to Veolia, and organised a Special Collection, giving them details of the dump.

    Long term, I think the shop owner should look to reorganise his ‘street presence’ so there is less obstruction. It would be a shame to compromise the visual appeal of ‘The Hub’ with his shop.

  15. JS says:

    What’s happened to the rail tracks by the allotment? All I see today is a totally paved area. Which is a bit ‘municipal’ looking. I seem to remember you mentioning original rail tracks extending where the line once ran.

    And I presume the bike lane will be reinstated too.

    • The rail tracks – all 1.5t of them – are currently on their way down from Peterborough and due to be installed on Friday to mark a ‘memory line’ of where the orginal Palace Gates Line used to run. The route will be continue to be a shared use walking/cycling route.

  16. JS says:

    In my mind I envisaged the rail tracks by the allotment being a ‘faux level crossing’ kind of feature. And with that, a satisfying ‘double-bump’ effect as one rode over it on a bike. Sadly, the workers have sunk the rail so deep, and cemented them so tightly, the metal surface is minimal to say the least. The lovely profile of the steel rails has been lost. The end effect a very thin line – which could have been achieved with any strip of steel.

    A lost opportunity I fear. It just needed someone to direct.

  17. Anastasia says:

    The rubbish left out from the sweet shop at the end of Langham road tube end is getting out of control. It looks really bad and people are having to walk around it and it is a hazard. After all the hard work being done in the neighbourhood this is really letting it down.

  18. Helen says:

    The speed bumps on Langham road are not high enough that have been recently erected are not high enough. I am finding they do not slow down cars enough as they are still speeding. Can anything be down about this

    • We will be conducting extensive post construction monitoring to compare speeds before and after the project. The raised tables cannot be made any higher due to pavement heights and the ramps are as steep as is safe. Should the ramps be any higher/steeper the noise generated by vehicles passing over them would be considerable for nearby residents. We are waiting to carry out the detailed traffic survey, but informal observations show that traffic has slowed as a result of these measures.

  19. Mina says:

    Dear Sustrans DIY Streets Team,

    I am writing to ask about the tree that is missing at about the middle of Carlingford road.
    The tree was indeed planted when works started, but it was soon knocked down, presumably by a car.
    Could you please let me know if and when replacement of the tree will take place?

    Thank you very much for all your efforts in improving our streets,


  20. JS says:

    I’ve just emailed another rubbish complaint to Haringey about Turnpike Stores, 213 Langham Road. The overspill of waste from their bins now includes excrement (deposited at eye level on the top of the heap). This spot has now become a genuine health hazard – and I believe something more concerted needs to be done – either a fine, or temporary closure until health and safety laws can be adhered to. Given this is ‘The Hub’ it would be a shame if the shop is allowed to continue to ‘trade’ in this way.

  21. VB says:

    Ben could we have some plants to go in the new planters at Waldeck/ Stanmore ? and maybe bulbs to go under the trees. Would cost much and would look very welcoming . Wasn’t sure who was meant to do this ? Some one has tried but more is needed.Maybe a plant day morning ? Is this in the Sustran budget ?

    • We are looking into some planting options and have sought the advice of an expert offering their advice for free! She has some great ideas which I will share as soon as I have clarified some detail.

  22. JS says:

    Old billboard project – The Hub
    Maybe we can look to enlist this urban artist to create our typographic ‘message’?

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