The DIY Streets project in Haringey got underway on 10th July 2010 with a presentation to the West Green Resident Association’s AGM. For the past sixteen months we have worked closely with the community to prepare, develop, and finalise designs that will help connect residents, slow traffic, and define the neighbourhood. During this period we have carried out the following community engagement exercises:

As of November 2011:

  • We have delivered ten community newsletters/flyers to each address
  • Placed over 200 event project posters up around the neighbourhood
  • Held a total of 19 community events, including 14 design specific events
  • Carried out door knocking exercises on 10 different days
  • Sent approximately 50 resident group emails (please contact me to sign up to email list)
  • Updated the community noticeboard located at Langham Parade
  • Managed the community blog which has had over 12,000 hits
  • We have facilited collaboration and dialogue between residents and the local Met. Police Safer Neighbourhoods Team, LBH Arboriculturalist, the Neighbourhood Management Team (now sadly disbanded), amoung others
  • We have collaborated with the local school and various businesses located in the neighbourhood

Over the coming months we will continue to work closely with the community to answer questions and manage the construction phase of the project. During this period we will also be holding a series of related community events. We will also continue to deliver the newsletter, update the community noticeboard, and this blog.


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